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Thread: Barrel De-Resonaator

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    Thumbs down Barrel De-Resonaator

    Does anyone have any experience with the Limbsaver Barrel De-resonator. Do they have any value in benchrest shooting.

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    Installed one on my Anschutz 64 Model 1903 last year. I went from a low 1500 score per card to high 1600 scores with at the time on that rifle a high of 1925. But I also started head spacing the ammo I was using too, so that may have helped some. But yes, I have used in it benchrest, more specifically ARA and it has helped. To me it is nothing more then a cheap version of the mid barrel tuner.
    It is cheap enough to try on your rifle and see if it does something.

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    Here's a link to a picture of Joe Freidrich's winning BR rifle. He has one of those de-resonator doo-dads on it. That's good enough for me!
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    I've observed a slight improvement based on testing the various locations of the item upon the barrel, and the differences were repeatable. I did not do rigorous on vs. off comparisons in the same day, and really should. I did not have enough room for the weight of a Heinrich, and that is why I went with the Limb Savr DeRes.

    Plus, it looks so frickin' cool with that "French tickler" on the pipe.

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    I was wondering if anyone else so the resemblance.

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    I haven't tryed one on my BR rifles but did stick one on my .17 HMR, it tightened my groups some.................Gary

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    I had a different mid barrel tuner on the Benchmark barrel on my Suhl. I took mine off. I can't say for sure one way or the other if it works or not. But I honestly believe the barrel shoots as good with it off.
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    I have been using a Heinrich-tuner for close to a year now and tested close to 2000 rounds from differents brands and lots. There is no question that a mid-barrel tuner can effect your groups. The problem is that you have other factors as concentricity and head-space (and on Lapua weight) that cludder up your statistics making it hard to read out the result. So make sure that your ammo-lots are as sorted as your have the ability to make them before adjusting the position on your tuner. I usualy fire around 70-80 shots (sorted) over a spectrum om positions before I go back to the position that generates the smallest groups and fine-tune the mid-barrel tuners position.

    And make sure that you are using good ammo(expensive ammo, EPS, Match EPS, MIDAS and maybe even Eley Biathlon EPS which is good value).

    Good Luck!

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