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Thread: Martini International Mk. 2, 3, etc.

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    Smile Martini International Mk. 2, 3, etc.

    Happy New year all, I have posted ads in search of a Martini 22lr. I would like to get my grandson started in some informal benchrest. Does anyone have anything ther are willing to part with? Harvey

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    Thad Scott usually has a few. I have heard he grades a bit liberally but it's a source.

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    I have one that I shot in benchrest some years ago, I use it for 3p now. I don't recommend the mkiii for benchrest as its too heavy for anything but ARA. By removing all unnessasary sight blocks and wood on the front stock I got the weight down to 13 lbs 4 oz with a conventional scope. Also the underlever makes benchrest more difficult. Needs to be setup higher on the bags for the lever to clear. Most mkiii's have a scope block on the receiver that can be used with the rear block on the barrel to use a modern scope. The mkii would required some modification. The trigger is a bit heavy on the mkiii for benchrest. Manual says it will get down to 8 oz which is still too heavy. Mine will only go down to 12 oz reliably. I also used the bolt from the handstop to mount a 3 inch wide piece of painted plywood to the front to give more stability on the front bag. The Martini gives good accuracy for the price.

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    Google up John Appleton in Front Royal VA. He's noted for having quality stuff and you could go right to him. Good luck!

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