I feel this should more adequately fit here than any other site.
I have discovered an unchambered Pence made and Otto fluted SS barrel, .338 barrel. It is huge to me and I have had two barrel blocked rifles in long range benchrest competition.
The barrel is 33 inches long, full length bull barrel of 1.5 inches in diameter. I have a good scope and. LRBR Master Class stock suitable for this large, heavy rifle to built. Not restricted by competition rules at will be meant for hunting at 400-1,200 yards with 200-225 grain bullets and chambered in .338 Winchester after shooting other rifles in .338 Lapua, Edge etc. at Whittington.
It is the dimensions of that barrel block to hold all this weight, and be bedded properly, which is the reason for this forum entry. It's been 15 years since long range competition and if advancements have been made in bedding for such a heavy barrel I really want to,learn how to do this properly, the very first time.