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Thread: Rifle positioning on front rest/bag

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    Rifle positioning on front rest/bag

    What’s the best position for the rifle on the front rest bag? I see a lot of shooters using the “stock” front rest stop on their front rests. However, I see other shooters using an extended front rest stop which balances/positions their rifle more toward the “middle” or balance point of their rifles. Thoughts? Best practices? Thanks

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    were the rifles the exact same ??

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    This can vary significantly from rifle to rifle. Finding the combination of how a gun likes to be handled, and how it likes to be rested requires experimentation. It is a range thing, that cannot really be done properly by consensus.

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    I am in a quite different competitive shooting sport and I had a custom from rest bag made to suit those needs by Protector USA. But it has also made me wonder why a bag with much longer support of the so called sweet spot is not also being used in your sport. As you can see I have to rest my barrel on the bag and the competition I shoot is called Schuetzen. It requires using a falling block single shot action and plainbase lead and tin bullets and my rifle is designed for the traditional class.

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