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Hi Tim, I think the larger SD is due to the muller having more taper and more overall friction. I can make my slugs from .222-.224Ē...and have tried them all. Any smaller than .2225 and accuracy deteriorates...and anything over .2230 with throw fliers.

I have gotten the Muller to hold a SD of 2 lately. With air rifles...we can use a longer valve duration to drive the bullet all the way down the barrel. It uses more air, and makes more muzzle blast....but it does keep the spread down.

Itís been shooting well. I would like to be able to use a tuner...but have not been able to use anything that overhangs the muzzle. The muzzle blast inside the tuner throws the accuracy into the toilet. All I can do is move weight behind the muzzle...but have not tried that yet.

and its how I tuned my EV 2. I made a one oz. weight that slides freely up and down the barrel and hold it with a nylon thumb screw. I found tune about half way up the barrel. I have a Brass one on my EV 2 but a SS on my CZ and both work equally well .