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Thread: Here they go again

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    A broken company being run by the anti gun group that is determined to shutter the doors. Plain and simple. What happened - here are my views and some limited facts. When they announced the move to Huntsville Alabama, I was all ecstatic, They made statements that 2000 jobs were coming to Alabama. They signed agreements with the State of Alabama for millions of dollars if jobs came. Woo Hoo, Remington is going to be just down the road from me, how neat. What did they really do, they moved Bushmaster to Huntsville, purchased the suppressor company in Lawrenceville Ga and move them to Huntsville (AAC) and then started making the R51 pistol in Huntsville, which turned into having to stop production because they did not work. I had a distance acquaintance that got a job there, in the pistol part. Well, they did a layoff last year and he was one of those that went home. The newpaper article and TV stuff said that Alabama had refused to pay about 3 million dollars that was committed if 1000 jobs were at Remington. The paper said that as of last count by the State, about 395 people were in the plant and the layoff was to reduce that number by 200. That was last year. Appears I heard one of the rimfire production plants in KY was to move to Huntsville, I have no idea if that happened. Yes, Mike Walker and Jim Stekyl and those guys who lived and breathed guns and accuracy are gone for every from the doors of Remington. It is a sad state for this company that was at the top of the heap once. I think often of the pleasure of shooting on the next bench over from Mike Walker one time in the 1990's at Roanoke. He build Remington in the 50's, 60,s and 70's. The bean counters destroyed. I will never own that pistol that says "Remington made in Huntsville Alabama".
    Well, we can all thank Harvard Business School, Wharton School and the many others that teach the art of corporate takeover and then liquidation, or takeover and then pressure the company to sell in order to drive up the stock price and make a killing (a la Paul Singer and his Elliot Management). Way too few of these public companies are run by engineers and avid shooters now, they are run by money people looking to gain a short term profit and to ell with everything and everyone else. Look at how many companies are now owned by stock entities...Ruger, bullet makers, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by butch lambert View Post
    i bought a couple of mike's rifles before he passed. Jimmy stekl is still shooting and is still living in mohawk, ny.
    jim stekl if you see this just to say hello bill brawand

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    Jim Stekl say HELLO from Canada, I have not seen Stekl for years.

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