We held our first SOTY match today. We had a cool morning, with some light wind. Congrat's to John Jackson on placing 3rd in Sporter, and 3rd in Unlimited-2, at his first match. Thanks to all who helped with the match. S. Ga. Boy
IR 50/50 Sporter
1) L. Worthy Jr. 246-9X
2) Mike Cameron 246-8X
3) John Jackson 242-7X
10.5 lb.
1) Mike Cameron 249-13X
2) L. Worthy Jr. 246-9X
3) Richard Shorter 245-14X
13.5 lb.
1) L. Worthy Jr. 250-16X
2) Mike Cameron 248-16X
3) Richard Shorter 248-13X
1) L. Worthy Jr. 249-19X
2) Mike Cameron 249-15X
3) Richard Shorter 248-14X
1) L. Worthy Jr. 248-16X FM-7
2) Mike Cameron 248-16X FM-2
3) John Jackson 247-12X
1) Mike Cameron 250-13X
2) L. Worthy Jr. 246-8X
3) Richard Shorter 245-6X