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    Bedding bases

    This is a simple thing you can do to insure maximum contact between the bases and receiver and make sure the bases are aligned longitudinally. Normally, I use the excellent Base Align, designed by the late Dan Hackett. But for this, I'll do it old school since few have this tool.

    I rummaged through my asst. of Davidson/Kelbly bases and came up with two that had the correct hole spacing:

    Today's victim was this hapless Savage :

    I rough up the base bottoms with a Dremel..a file or sand paper also works. Then, use a needle file to make sure the screws aren't too tight in their holes:

    Some mold release wax goes on the sides of the bases:

    And the receiver and in the screw holes:

    Some light oil in the screw recesses:

    And on the screws:

    Get the rings ready, make sure the rings will slide easily on the bases first:

    Mix the Pro Bed, JB Weld...whatever you wish to use:

    Insert the screws and butter up the bases:

    Snug the screws lightly, leaving some side-to-side wiggle room. Then gently slide the rings on and lay the lapping bar in the rings:

    Remove the ooze with a popsicle stick dipped in vinegar. Then wait:

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