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Thread: Which Scope for Benchrest Under 500.00

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    Quote Originally Posted by hi2utoo View Post
    Concerned; I have one of these. I bought it for rimfire benchrest. It won't focus at 50 yards. Beyond 75 or so, its a great scope for the money. It is currently on a 6BR. I am pleased with it.
    Iíve heard others complain of the same problem. One in particular, who knows what heís doing adjusting a scope, had the same issue. Plus Weavers service is spotty at best, warranty doesnít transfer.[/QUOTE]

    And now Weavers are no longer being made and any repair sent in will be replaced w/ a Bushnell (if I remember corectly).

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    Just aquired an Athlon Argos BTR 10-40X56. Its better than it's price.

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