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Thread: For those interested in precision

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackie schmidt View Post
    Dave, we use Dry Ice and Liquid Nitrogen to install bushings, especially the numerous non metallic ones we use in rudder tubes and strut bearings.

    Cost wise, liquid nitrogen is the best. You can order a bottle for $95, delivered, fill a large ice chest with it, place the bearings in for about 10 minutes. Thatís all it takes.

    With Dry ice, that amount will cost about about $250 in pelletized form. Plus, it takes about 3 hrs worth of time for the bearing to shrink substantially enough for easy installation. But, there is one specific material we use, called Thorplas, that cannot be froze in Liquid Nitrogen. The problem is it will shrink faster than the ductility of the material, and crack. Dry ice is the option.

    One note. When handling liquid nitrogen, you have to treat it the same as fire. It will do serious damage to skin if you slash it on you.
    You know dry ice is a lot more effective at cooling things if you put the item to be cooled in a common solvent like isopropyl alcohol.. Add the solvent to the dry ice dry ice slowly to it so it doesn't blow out. With a solvent you get 100% contact between the cooling medium and the item to be cooled. When you're done with the solvent you can just pour it down the drain; at least that's what I'd probably do. Used that a lot when I was a practicing hands on chemist. Sometimes I'd use acetone, but we always had waste solvent drums for that. I used to get dry ice from the grocery store or larger quantities from Iowa State U.
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    Bearing grease

    Quote Originally Posted by hayscott View Post
    Back in the day, at work we would rebuild frac blender C-pumps pumps, the tapered bearings had to be heated in order to slip down on the pump shaft. We thought about investing in a industrial oven to do this but one of the guys had an idea and brought to work his gas grill. We found out that a $400 grill would heat the bearings up just fine... just used a temp gun to figure out how long it would take to get up to temp.
    I sure as he!! hope the grease off of them bearings didn't taint the burgers,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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    Quote Originally Posted by pipeline60 View Post
    I sure as he!! hope the grease off of them bearings didn't taint the burgers,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Ohhh, and cerakoting small parts in the wife's oven???

    Ummmm, BTDT, best we don't talk abou'dit.....

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