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    Quote Originally Posted by Butch Lambert View Post
    Gene, If I drill, indicate the throat, and bore to my indication at the throat, don't I have 2 points indicated?
    That's a great question Butch, and I've reversed my thoughts on it a couple of times as I sit here pondering it. My answer above, was really addressing the Gordy method vs chambering between centers (or the equivalent vis a vis indicating both ends). On one hand, your chamber should definitely be axially aligned with where you indicated, but I'm not as certain that it guarantees lineal alignment with the start of the bore. If the barrel was tilted, with the axis of tilt right at the spot you indicated, then when you bore a chamber, the chamber would be linear with the indicated point, but might the point not necessarily be linear with the start of the rifling? If the bore was way out of alignment, you'd 'see' that because you'd be indicating an oval cross-section, but a practical misalignment probably wouldn't be noticeable. Does that make sense? Am I missing something?

    At the end of the day if you can stick a borescope in there and see that the leade is uniform across all the lands you've probably done all you can with respect to alignment.



    Edit: Butch, in re-reading what you wrote, I may have misunderstood entirely. Did you mean indicate the throat and the bore or indicate the throat and then perform a boring operation? (I initially interpreted it as the latter, but am now unsure.)
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