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Thread: River Bend's 2020 Centerfire Benchrest Matches -- Results

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    Jan '20 Match Report

    We finally got to shoot a club match again after the December match was cancelled due to weather; however, there's a deer laying on the side of the road that probably would be happier if yesterday's match had been cancelled.

    We shot a standard score target yesterday, but used a caliber-neutral reticle for scoring.

    Partial results:
    100 yd
    Alan Wofford 250-20x
    Scott Dittman 250-15x
    Joel Danzig 250-15x

    200 yd
    Roger Avery 249-10x
    Joel Danzig 248-7x
    Jim Andress 246-5x

    Roger Avery 499-24x
    Joel Danzig 498-22x
    Alan Wofford 495-29x

    Full results are attached.

    The temp was in the mid-60s all day; it was a bit breezy at times, with some light rain at times. We had eight shooters, including David Woods, who came down from SC, and long-absent Bill Shaver. Bill Dittman was there but he didn't shoot because his "back [was] out" -- the day before his 58th wedding anniversary!

    Thanks to Jim Andress and Bobby Reiber for the grilled hamburgers and chips for lunch; also thanks to RBGC for providing this venue for us to shoot, and thanks to Jim Andress for running the match, Jim and Scott for scoring, Bill Dittman for being the computer jockey, all those who helped move the target frames, and to all the shooters for being there. It was a nice day -- except for that deer deciding to cross the road at the wrong time.

    We're shooting group next month -- come shoot with us. Per Jim Andress, "RBGC matches are open to the public. Matches typically begin at 9:00AM, so arrive early. Cost for non-registered matches is typically $20. RV parking is available." At some matches, Jim pays money to the winners -- so, don't risk leaving money on the table by not being there.
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    Feb, Mar & Apr Reports

    The only thing to report is that the Feb, Mar and Apr club matches were cancelled -- Feb because of the weather (cold and snow); Mar because of a registered match; Apr because of the virus. The next "open" match is scheduled for the second Sat in May.
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