I need pictures, all of your pictures about Short Range BENCHREST. I have in my collection about 2869 in my collection. Now I am doing this on my own. The pictures are NOT for sale, I do not make a PENNY on them, but if a NBRSA or IBS range will show them doing the match they will be FREE. The only one showing them is Super Shoot, or KELBLY’s. They have to mail me a FLASH DRIVE of at least 300m or more, would prefer MORE and I will mail it back, at my expense. I use to ask for a donation but at this time, but not now. Now WILBUR has promised me a space, but NO, I want to do this on my own, to the sport that has done so much for me.
This includes ALL foreign shooters also. If you have registered at a match, paid your fee? Now I would like B@W and then COLOR in that order, and I want to see their face. I have the equipment to alter the rest of the picture out of it. So there you are so send me an E-MAIL as to whether I have the people or not. As of right now the HALL of FAME is being set up, and I have CANADIAN contingent also. I to take shooter’s and their wives, no kids, and anybody that has been SR BENCHREST orientated, for example, I have the pictures of the restaurant people, range officers, and people associated with SR BENCHREST, go for it. I have a picture of a dog associated with a known shooter and I want Sam’s picture, she knows who I mean.

Now all questions are to be asked on this Forum, that way everybody can see the questions and answers, the E-Mail is for the pictures only.

I can be reached at bill.gammon@rogers.com