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Thread: Jan 2020 Sp & UNL match at Ben Avery Phoenix

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    Jan 2020 Sp & UNL match at Ben Avery Phoenix

    For starters Chuck Miller won both Grands, yup he won the 2-Gun as well. Chucks 2-Gun was .1922 - .035 in front of 2nd place Duke Rovarino.

    Shooting conditions were at times mild and other times breezy.
    Most felt that the wind off the mountain Sat am with 40+ degrees made it feel cold. The sun came out and the winds sorta died and it was comfortable while in the sun. Winds varied most of the day but became shootable in the afternoon.
    Sunday it was nice all day, temps were low in the am but with little wind it was comfortable.

    We had some unexpected shooters show up so the attendance was decent. Russ Hardy (who shoots once every 2 years) brought his son Luke; they shot Saturday only. Luke shot his first match ever and did real well. Russ did good also; winning the UNL 100 with a .1466 aggregate. His son Luke shot a .1658 agg in the Unlimited 100.
    Lou Murdica brought the grand kids (4 of em) and they all did well too. They all finished in the top 14 of the 2-gun with Angelina (9th) leading the way. Anthony Murdica finished 5th in the Unlimited Grand shooting a .1970.
    You should see team leader Louie (who didn't shoot) helping the 4 of them when needed.

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