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Thread: Falcon actions!

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    My custom BR rig is right bolt, left port, so I understand and appreciate the convenience of loading ammo from the left side.
    However, when I used my CZ 455 with a single-shot adapter, I inserted rounds over the action but below the scope (between the gap). Worked out fine. Have you tried that? Might have to use taller scope mounts.

    Quote Originally Posted by High Noon View Post
    I have a Falcon right bolt and right port and I have trouble feeding the 22ís quickly over the scope. Would it be possible to have a machinist remove the metal on the left side of the receiver for easier feeding? Would that weaken the action too much with the heavy barrel accuracy speaking?

    If yes could you tell me a good gunsmith?


    High Noon

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    Try this

    Use high bases and rings feed from left side did this my 40 x

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    What exactly needs to be said that hasn't already been said, now it seems, verified by yourself.
    Check IR50/50 and PSL equipment lists as well if you like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MARCOCH View Post
    There advice was to look at the AMA nationals leaderboard and pull up an equipment list to see how many Falcons were in the running. I did and only one. When I google falcon rifle builds there are several people that talk good about them and very little negative out there. Am I missing something... why are there not more of them being used in ama? Any advice is welcome.
    If you look long & hard enough you'll find plenty of likes & dislikes with all the actions, except Stillers.
    As far as the IR equipment list goes there isn't one, other than your registration form. Never seen it on the scoring program & to be honest, have no interest in entering the chit Even when there was one, it couldn't be trusted as it likely wasn't updated.
    There aren't many as I don't think they're being made any longer. Haven't heard that but haven't seen any new builds in a few years.
    There's one that has won more IR National, Regional, & State events in the past 3 or 4 years than anything. More likely due to the shooter, barrel, & his choice of ammo. But there isn't any thing wrong with that Bird!


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