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Thread: Data needed for rebarreling a Hall rimfire

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    Data needed for rebarreling a Hall rimfire

    I don't do nearly as much RF work as i used to, but I've had a Hall action come in for rebarrel and
    need some info on it.

    I curious as to setting up the headspace on the action. The bolt face counterbore measures .055".
    I checked a Rem. 37 and two 40x bolt counterbore for comparison and they run .038"-.040".

    What is the breeching method for the Hall to get a .042"-.043" headspace? Seems not possible with a
    .055" counterbore

    Thanks for the info,

    Steve Kostanich

    P.S. If you can refer me to an expert on the RF Forum that would be nice.
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    Hall Mfg

    I would contact Hall. That bolt face seems awful deep compared to mine. Mine measures .040"

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    Cone breech?

    The only way I can think of would be to cone breech it and still some consideration would need to be given to the angle at which the cone was made so as to not have contact.


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