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Thread: Question about SR benchrest stocks

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    Question about SR benchrest stocks

    Curious what types of material most of the stock makers are using to build stocks these days.

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    It varies. Some of the high end stocks ($1500+) are Carbon Fiber Laminates.

    Many are fiberglass overlayed on a core of foam like material.

    Some are wood laminates, using light but strong layers of certain close grain but light wood.

    The higher end stocks tend to be the lightest, which helps when building a LV or Sporter. My Scoville weighs about 20 oz.

    Most fiberglass offerings will come in st about 28 ounces.

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    Terry Leonard used mostly Redwood and carbon fiber laminate for his LV stocks.

    Finished weight about 22 oz with the butt pad.

    Jeff Summers and Greg Walley will be selling about 200 unfinished stocks of Terrys.


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    I am lucky to have a Leonard stock made early on by Terry. It has the carbon fiber layers plus it is wrapped in fiberglass and finished with 2-part epoxy. I don't know when Terry stopped using the fiberglass and epoxy. He was a true artisan and will be missed by the shooting community.

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    Kelbly stocks are made of fiberglass and carbon fiber, the lightest we can make them is about 23 - 24 ounces. The core is foam filled to reduce vibrations. This weight is before bedding and butt pad installation. With our center rib , this creates a stronger stock to reduce flexing. We make four different versions of short range BR stocks with mold in colors, so no need to paint and add cost and weight. Check them out at


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