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Thread: ABRA Indoor National Results

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    ABRA Indoor National Results

    Results from the ABRA Indoor Nationals held in Cedartown GA @ Chickenfoot.

    Outlaw Lite
    1st Luke Carroll aggregate of 194.5 taking high card on
    T1-193, T3-195,T4-196,T5-198
    2nd Jim Haley aggregate of 191.5 taking high card on T2-191,T6-195
    3rd John Laseter aggregate of 177.

    1st Larry Mcgill aggregate of 183 taking high card on T1-184,T4-183,
    2nd Justin Fortson aggregate of 182.5 taking high card on T2-188,T3-182,T6-189
    3rd John Laseter aggregate of 180.333 taking high card on T5-187

    1st Joe Chacon aggregate of 195.5 taking high card on T3-198,T5-195
    2nd Shelby Matoy aggregate of 195 taking high card on T1-197, T2-196
    3rd Benji Matoy aggregate of 193.1667 taking high card on T4-196,T6-197
    4th Tony Greenway 1of 192.833
    5th Joe Leitao aggregate of 192.1667

    Outlaw Heavy
    1st Bob Cleveland aggregate of 199 taking high card on T4-200
    2nd John Mix aggregate of 198.5 taking high card on T1-200
    3rd Barbara Aldridge aggregate of 198.33 taking high card on T5-200
    4th Ivan Wells aggregate of 198.33
    5th Jerry Smith aggregate of 198.167
    Target 2 high card winner Pokey Patlan 200
    Target 3 high card winner Ken Richards 200
    Target 6 high card winner Jerry Stiller 200

    Congratulations to everyone and thank you for joining us for our 1st Indoor Nationals...

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    ABRA Match Winners

    Congratulations again to the Winners of the ABRA Indoor National Shoot!
    Outlaw Heavy Bob Cleveland
    Outlaw Lite Luke Carroll
    Unlimited Joe Chacon
    Factory Larry McGill
    Youth Unlimited Shelby Matoy

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