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I believe the Bald Eagle is less than $200 now.

Looks like bag squeezers are getting rare Jackie. I been checking equipment lists and looks like nearly everyone is using a joystick type rest. Obviously much faster gun recovery back on target. Run down to sighter and back up without moving rear bag? Its obvious that the newer shooter is moving fast on the bench and then running and gunning a condition? I like the looks of the new Sinclair competition rest but have never tried one. Ive decided to hold off until spring/summer before buying a rig to get serious about. I have a blueprinted 700 on an older McMillan stock and two barrels that Im going to shoot down in Galesburg Il this year.
Id like to shoot a 30br as I know it isn't fussy and will shoot very well without constant tuning. Did you ever get a handle on your 30br shooting for group in LV? 18 twist and maybe 112 grers? 118's? The 6ppc is a PITA but I believe 13 twist barrels would tame some of that out of it.