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Thread: More Sad News

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    More Sad News

    To all that knew him
    Bob Dorton passed away today, he was doing what he loved, working on Range 11
    Bob shot at Sac Valley and Visalia, and made some trips to Arizona
    He was a good man and will be missed by all

    Dan Lutke

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    I lost a great friend today, and the Folsom Shooting Club lost one of its greatest assets.
    Bob was one of the best people I have ever been around and it was a privilege to call him my friend.
    He was the most unassuming, friendly ,helpful person I have known, and I will miss him terribly.
    I take solace in knowing he always did what he loved to do and passed while doing it. We should all be so lucky!
    Haily says she'll miss you Uncle Bob! Rest in Peace
    We are greatly diminished,

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    Bob Dorton

    Bob was like a favorite Uncle to all of us at the range. Building frames, providing & fixing lunch for everyone. If someone was interested in trying BR, Bob would provide them a gun & ammo. We will be missing Bob greatly whenever we go to Sac to shoot. Rest in peace.

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    I am sorry to hear of Bob's passing, and will really miss our visits. From time to time he would call, or I would, and catch up on what we had been up to. He was a really fine fellow, and I am sure that many will miss him. There is no counting the work that he did at the Sacramento range. I have great respect for that. I am lucky to have known him. We are diminished.
    Boyd Allen

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