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Thread: New (1965)model winchester m70 heavy barrel target still in box

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    yes a wilson

    Quote Originally Posted by Doug Casner View Post
    Ive got l.e. Wilson for 6ppc and 3006 there so danged slow, Im pretty much one handed, I ve got some forester I get along with better. Still gotta worry about the shellholder though. Doug
    needs two hands. Forster or Redding inlines are great too. Good luck with what you have.

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    Can't beat Forster dies

    I have two Forster Micrometer seating dies I have used for years. Great dies and accurate. Dial .001" and that's what ya get. They use to sell cylinders and stems for different calibers so that one die would do ya but don't know if they still do. Because I pre-load for matches, I wanted something I could use that wwas faster than hand dies and I never had accuracy with Wilson dies.

    One of the problems with almost all seating dies is the seating stem. Most of them touch the bullet in the wrong place thus giving varying overall lengths where the bullets will engage the lands. Die makers know this but do nothing about it.


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