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Thread: shooting areas phoenix

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    shooting areas phoenix

    Hello. New member here. Interested in stepping into the benchrest community. Currently shoot silhouette out to 1000 in Nevada. Looking for a place to shoot near Buckeye Az.


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    look up the BEN Avery shooting center, I believe there is a bench rest group that practices on Thursdays there.

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    Ben Avery has ranges for:
    • Archery;
    • Benchrest;
    • Pistol;
    • Silhouette;
    • Highpower (out to 1000 yards);
    • Shotgun.

    Just finished shooting in a 3 day long Palma match on the 1000 yard range. (Palma course of fire = sighters, plus 15 shots for score at 800, 900, and 1000 yards.) Didn't do well, but had fun. Was shooting traditional prone style (shooting jacket and rifle sling are the only allowed means of support), about 18 F-Class shooters participated as well

    Range website:
    State Association:
    Highpower and Smallbore Rifle "Club" (No Board of Directors or members, but they do sponsor matches):
    Arizona Rifleshooting website - created by a shooting enthusiast, LOTS of links to other ranges and events:

    Hope this helps.
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