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Thread: Interesting phrenmena, is it normal?

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    Interesting phrenmena, is it normal?

    I have a stock Ruger 10-22. I installed a Leupold 6X scope on it.

    NOTE: I had two other experienced shooters duplicate my groups to make sure it wasn't my technique causing the problems.

    At 50 metres, it will group ten rounds of Eley Tenex or RWS R-50 into less than 5/8 inch. With CCI Stinger, it will group ten into 7/8 to one inch.

    All other regular 22 ammo will do no better than 2 inches.

    Not being satisfied with this level of accuracy, I bought an Anschutz 1416D and moved the scope over to it.

    With Tenex or R50, the Anschutz will group ten rounds into 1/2 inch. All other standard 22 ammo will do no better than 1.5 inches.

    I was hoping for a rifle that would group regular CCI, Rem, Fed, or Win hunting ammo into less than one inch.

    Is it worth it to upgrade to an Anschutz 1700 series rifle???? Or it this "normal" and I can't expect good groups unless I use that super expensive match ammo?

    Now I don't expect "same hole" groups with Stingers, but it would be nice to get below one inch in an expensive, quality rifle.

    Your thoughts and experience will be appreciated.

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    Buy a better scope.

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    like Tim said better scope and higher magnification. if shooting for a group I hope you are using point of aim as a reference and have the scope set off to any other area so as to not destroy point of aim. trying to shoot a group and having one of the shots erase your poa makes things just about useless.
    You also can try some of the lesser grades of Eley or RWS ( standard or match) or Geco,, Center X by Lupua is a very popular mid cost( match wise ) round. It does very well for me in my Annies and 40x as does Eley Black Box. course every rifle has its own quirks. Remington was marketing some Eley in their colors. Do not know what it matches in the Eley line though. Beyond that most state side made offerings just do not get it done. Generally speaking at 50 meters velocities in excess of 1100 fps do not seem to be advantageous at least in my equipment.
    Unfortunately rimfire is a game of trying to find what ammo your unit likes but the next lot of the same make may not preform the same.
    just my $.0002 worth.

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    Thank you, guys.

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