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Thread: Dec 14-15 2019 Match results Ben Avery

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    Dec 14-15 2019 Match results Ben Avery

    This weekend we shot the UNL class for 2 days. 2 grands- 2 100 yard aggs and 2 200 yard aggs. Weather was decent for most of the match. 2 practice days and Saturday and part of Sunday the conditions were on the light side. Suday for the 2nd 200 yard stage the wind picked up with about 2-2.5 inches of push. If you were careful and patient most of the time you could shoot in the same condition and if the gun was in tune get a good group.
    Chuck Miller, Duke Rovarino and Wayne Christian did it best for most of the match. Chuck and Wayne each won a grand, Chuck won the 2 gun with a .1771, Duke as second with a .1846nand I was third with a .1881.
    Of note; the grand that Wayne won (.1444) we had 13 shooters shoot one grands. We had 28 shooters with maybe 4 shooters shooting their varmint rifles. I think we had 4 shooters who were either new or never shot Ben Avery before. We also had several as many as a half dozen that were missing for one reason or another.

    A short story. Tony DeBacco who has been shooting with us since grade school; he's now in high school, shot really well as he often does especially with his rail. At some time over the weekend he and I were talking and he mentioned how he wanted to beat Lester Bruno. We looked at the stat sheets posted on the stat house and I commented that he was beating Lester. I told him he should go over and tell Les. He said that he didn't want too as next time Les will kick his butt. I then said ya gotta give it to him when you can (this is all in jest). At the award ceremony it was pointed out that in fact Tony beat Les in all 4 aggs. At one point during the awards Les made the comment that Tony beat him again; Tony who was sitting near by, turned around and told Les he smoked him. Everyone who heard this really enjoyed the dig (again all in jest). BTW Tony finished 4th in the 2 gun with a .1914. From now on Tony's nick name is Smoke. Way to go young man.

    Gary Ocock

    Next match at Ben Avery is Jan 4-5 Sporter and UNL (5shot)
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    Thanks Gary!!

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    Hi gary

    Its great to see you have unl matches out there we dont have any in the east keep it going

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    Thanks for the time you put in for the report. It is appreciated.

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