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Thread: Winchester 1892: new barrel options?

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    Winchester 1892: new barrel options?

    Hi: I have an old Winchester 1892 currently chambered in 25-20. The barrel is badly pitted, scant rifling and keyholes at ten yards. Id like thoughts on re-barreling options in same or different cartridge. Thanks!

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    "Rimfire benchrest" might not be the best category for this question. I would look for a different site that specializes in old Winchester lever guns, or at least put the question in the "Factory/Hybrid Rifle" category of this site.

    I checked and they don't have any barrels in stock. You will likely have to have one fabricated from a blank and that is going to be pricey, if you can find a gunsmith to do it.

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    It may well be a good candidate for re-lining.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mwezell View Post
    It may well be a good candidate for re-lining.
    That would be my move.

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