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Thread: Looking for a rimfire rifle

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    Hey Langenc, yeah, when I say the Anny shoots real well, Iím smiling.
    I shoot her with a Mueller 8-32 on top. The scope tracks and holdís POA
    with the best of them. I like it.


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    54 Anshutz

    Iím shooting an Anshutz 1413. Trigger release is at 3 ounces. Scope is a Lupold VX3i 6-20 with fine duplex reticle. My shooting is at 50 yards using Center X. I typically shoot in the high 230ís into low 240ís out of 250. Iím consistently inconsistent so those numbers will vary to the down side. I practice with SK Standard Plus ammo. SK ammo knocks off about 12 points but is reasonably consistent. The SK and Lapua are interchangeable in my rifle as far as point of impact is concerned.

    I cannot say enough about Anshutz rifles. I own a Model 64, in addition to the 54, and have shot several other models. They are great rifles, just a little expensive.

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