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Thread: PacNor barrels suffers fire

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    PacNor barrels suffers fire

    Sad news. PacNor makes some very, very good barrels. Their .30's were especially good. Hope they can rebuild. -Al

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    sad news

    They made some pretty good barrels. I'm sure the various solvents and fluids used in manufacturing made it a smart choice to just keep the fire contained.

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    Sad news indeed. Most of our Ruger Blackhawk conversions wear Pac Nor tubes. They made good barrels and customer service was always tops.


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    Most of the large machinery will not be all that damaged by fire.

    Might lose a few motors and smaller items though.

    Control knobs and stuff like that are usually pretty easy to replace.

    Cast iron is pretty safe in fires.

    I had a mill that was sold off as scrap after a fire.

    A couple new motors (main and table) and it was back up after only a few weeks.

    Tool longer 30 years ago to find all the handles and hand wheels.

    That stuff is not nearly as hard to replace now.
    Some really old stuff can require adjusting of new parts to fit.
    Not all of it is what we consider 'standard' now.

    It was actually easier in some cases to cut center hubs from the
    old damaged hand wheels and fit them into new hand wheels that had been cut.

    If you want to start salvaging by a barrel of WD-40 and start covering every inch of cast iron with it, followed by some gear oil.

    Rust can damage precision ways in very short order.
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    Their website

    says they are going to rebuild.

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