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Thread: Shelby County Fall Finale results??

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    Shelby County Fall Finale results??

    Does anyone have results, conditions, number of shooters etc for this match?? WD

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    Here you go...

    We had 20 shooters, which was a nice surprise considering some of the regulars were unable to attend for health and other reasons.

    Saturday was cool (50-60 degrees) with mild wind conditions.

    Canadian shooter Rick Raymo dominated the LV100 Saturday morning with an impressive .1788 aggregate. Small group went to Paul Whitt with a .056"!

    Here's your top 5 in the LV100:

    1. Rick Raymo- .1788
    2. Paul Whitt- .1914
    3. Greg Walley- .2214
    4. John Petteruti- .2238
    5. Eric Brown- .2310

    After lunch we shot the HV100 and was won by myself, which was my first ever win in a yardage! woohoo! Small group went to Lacy Tilley, shooting a .063" with his new D.Bruno built rifle.

    Here's your top 5 in the HV100:

    1. Brian Robinson- .2146
    2. Don Rosette- .2312
    3. Danny Pritt- .2356
    4. Lacy Tilley- .2398
    5. Dale Dillingham- .2498

    Saturday night the clubhouse served a great pulled pork dinner. Some great home-cooked food!

    Sunday morning brought slightly warmer temperatures but still pretty mild wind conditions mostly moving from right to left.

    Danny Pritt won the HV200 Sunday morning with an incredible .1660" aggregate! Not surprisingly, he won the small group as well with a .258" group.

    Here are your top 5 in the HV200:

    1. Danny Pritt- .1660
    2. Jack Neary- .2053
    3. Brian Robinson- .2272
    4. Greg Walley- .2287
    5. Ted Heindselman- .2354

    Temperatures Sunday afternoon reached 70 degrees... we couldnt have asked for better weather this time of year in central Ohio.

    DeWayne "Woody" Wood caught fire in the LV200 and won the Agg with a .2085. Small group went to Eric Brown with a .244" screamer!

    Here are your top 5 in the LV200:

    1. DeWayne "Woody" Wood- .2085
    2. Brian Robinson- .2201
    3. Steve Turner- .2208
    4. Danny Pritt- .2361
    5. Lacy Tilley- .2598

    Paul Whitt and Danny Pritt were your LV and HV Grand Agg winners, respectively. Here are the top 5 in each:

    LV Grand:
    1. Paul Whitt- .2326
    2. DeWayne "Woody" Wood- .2364
    3. Greg Walley- .2429
    4. Steve Turner- .2455
    5. Danny Pritt- .2463

    HV Grand:
    1. Danny Pritt- .2008
    2. Brian Robinson- .2209
    3. Don Rosette- .2377
    4. Greg Walley- .2464
    5. Dale Dillingham- .2489

    The 2-Gun was won by hot shooting Danny Pritt. Nice job Danny!

    Here are your top 10 in the 2-Gun:

    1. Danny Pritt- .2235
    2. Brian Robinson- .2363
    3. Greg Walley- .2446
    4. Paul Whitt- .2452
    5. Dale Dillingham- .2503
    6. Steve Turner- .2548
    7. DeWayne Wood- .2574
    8. Jack Neary- .2697
    9. Don Rosette- .2726
    10. Bob Hawkins- .2730

    A big thank you to Jack Neary, John Petteruti and everyone at Shelby Co that works hard to put on this great match. It's the one I look forward to most, and not just because I get to sleep in my own bed at night. :-)
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    Very nice

    Great report, and congrats to you on the yardage win and just darned good shooting over all. Way to go man!WD

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    Brian Great report and Congrats. You DA MAN!

    Congrats to everyone........Sounds like everyone had fun.....
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    Cool Great job

    Nice shooting out there nothing rain here bill brawand

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