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Thread: Scope for 100-400yds Groups

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    Scope for 100-400yds Groups

    Is the 10-50x60 Sightron comparable to the 12-42 NF BR?
    Thereís new SIII versions out now. Iím talking about the regular SIII version thatís around $1k.

    I want to get a scope better suited for 100-400 yards group shooting.
    I donít have the luxury of trying before buying. I have no weight restrictions and donít live in an area that hosts competitions. I have a 5-20x Razor.

    I can go the 36-45x fixed route, too.

    My limited practical experience makes me sweat hitting the order button. Ha

    Thank you

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    The Sightron will do very well for your purpose. While it's not the best it is more than adequate. And unless you just have more $$ than you need you can usually pick up a used one in the $7-750 range. The warranty is transferable, so there is no real need to buy new.


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    mbruce, while I do not shoot centerfire benchrest yet (gonna get my feet wet in a non-sanctioned class next spring), I do have experience with the 10-50x60 Sightrons. I owned 2 of them and sold both in the $$ range that's been previously posted here. They are a lot of scope for the money, but do have certain shortcomings. They can be a little dark at full magnification and both of mine had less than stellar 'clicks' on the turrets. To say, slightly mushy. I do still own both a Sightron 36X fixed and just bought a new SIII-SS 45x45 fixed this spring. The latter is the best of all 4 Sightrons I have owned and was purchased to make 10.5lb class in rimfire benchrest.

    I replaced both of the big Sightrons with Vortex Golden Eagles 15-60x52 and am very happy with both. Both were purchased used from people I knew and price was $1,000 and $1050 shipped. Warranty is transferable, just like Sightron. Full power, both are brighter than my big Sightrons were and 'clicks' are firm and positive. The finish on them is far superior to Sightron. I also own a March 10-60x52 that was purchased before my first Vortex. If I had known then what I do now, I would have 3 of the Golden Eagles, had extra money for ammo and no March. March only has a 5 year warranty.

    I have not owned a NF, but have looked through many. They are bright, but I feel the Vortex for the money is well worth considering, especially if you consider a nice used one. JME, JMO.
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    I would go with one of the variable scopes in stead of a high magnification fixed power.Using the fixed power you won't be able to turn power down if mirage should arise at 300 or 400 yards. I have run into this problem and have since replaced all my fixed scopes with variables. Just my opinion .

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    If you can handle the weight the Sightron SVSSED 10-50x60 TD is as good as they get. ... jim

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    Thank you all very much for your input. Iím going to wait a tad longer and buy a higher quality the first time. Iíve learned itís usually worth it...

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