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Thread: United Stares Group Benchrest Hall of Fame

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    United States Group Benchrest Hall of Fame

    I'm in the process of updating the Hall of Fame information after the results of both the 2019 IBS and 2019 NBRSA Group Nationals. Hopefully, I will have the complete results in Excel format posted in the next few weeks.

    I wanted to give some high-level update based on the final results. These will be validated and formalized by Rex Reneau who will make the presentations sometime during 2020.

    First off, there was some fine shooting at the NBRSA Nationals at Phoenix this past week by Paul Mitchell, who literally shot his way into the HofF in one match. He had six points prior to last week, but attained ten more at Phoenix for a total of 16. That is certainly some outstanding shooting! Congratulations Paul.

    Also at Phoenix, Mike Conry attained three points which added to his nine going into the week, which pushed Mike over the threshold. Fine shooting Mike and Congratulations.

    Of note also is the fine shooting by Ed Adams at Phoenix, who won the two yardages in Heavy Varmint, and of course the HV Grand Aggregate. This four-point feat brought Ed's points total to nine; which has him knocking on the door.

    One last comment, Wayne Campbell's outstanding shooting at the IBS Nationals at Holton. MI earlier this year, where he won eight points, brought his lifetime total to 56. This allowed Wayne to move past Lester Bruno into second place. Lester has 51 points life-to-date, certainly no small feat; plus Lester still continues to post great results after some 40 years of competition. Congratulations Wayne and Lester on outstanding representation of the sport.

    And, of course, it goes without saying that the best group benchrest shooter of all time is Tony Boyer; who has a lifetime total of 176 points. We know that Tony and the sport suffered a tremendous loss this past year when his wife Faye passed. Faye is the only female member of the United States Benchrest Hall of Fame and will be sorely missed.

    Joe Krupa
    HofF 2008
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    Thanks, Joe

    It was a pleasure watching some outstanding Benchrest Shooters in Phoenix this past week. Especially considering the conditions.

    I canít speak for others, but witnessing and competing against such excellence inspires me to improve my own Benchrest capabilities.

    Congratulations to these shooters for raising the bar.

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    Hall OF Fame

    Thanks again Joe Krupa.

    Is it safe to aay that, unofficially, the NBRSA Group HALL OF FAME CLASS OF 2019 is;

    PauL Mitchell and Mike Conry? seems to add a little spice to a great accomplishment.


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