ABRA Belton SC Match Results
Congratulations to Billy Hudson, Robert Cvammen, Ernie Converse, and Tony Greenway for their 1st place wins at the ABRA Belton match 10/05/2019
A special Congrats to Seth Ferguson youth shooter in the Outlaw Heavy his highest aggregate to date 189.25!
Outlaw Heavy:
1st Billy Hudson aggregate of 194.75 high cards t1, 194, t2-196,t3-192,t4-197
2nd Woody Smith aggregate of 189.00
3rd Kevin Sullivan aggregate of 184.50
Outlaw Lite
1st Robert Cvammen aggregate of 181.75 high card on T3-183, t4-186
2nd Walter Smith aggregate of 103.25 high card on T1-186, T2-182
1st Ernie Converse aggregate of 164.75 high card on T1-165, T2-151, T3-174, T4-169
2nd Ed Peterson aggregate of 112.50
Regis Hartnett aggregate of 70.50
1st Tony Greenway aggregate of 184.25 high card on T3-182,T4-187
2nd Dave Eisensch aggregate of 183.00 high card on T1-189, T2-185
3rd John Hovan aggregate of 178.75
Youth Outlaw
Seth Ferguson aggregate of 189.25 his high card was 192
Congratulations again!