ABRA Edinburg Results 09.21.2019
Congratulations to Tracey Self, Steven Shimotsu, and Stan Fitch for their 1st place wins in the ABRA Edinburg Match.
Outlaw Heavy
1st- Tracey Self aggregate of 190.00 High card on T1-191
2nd- Mark Self aggregate of 190.00 High card on T2-194
3rd- Dan Smith aggregate of 188.33 High card on T3-192
4th - Bonnie Fogg aggregate of 186.33
Outlaw Lite
1st- Steve Shimotsu aggregate of 180.33 High Card T1-182,T2-179, T3-180
2nd - Phil Watkins aggregate of 169.00
1st- Stan Fitch aggregate of 183.00 High Card T1-180, T2-185,T3-184
2nd - Andy Trevino aggregate of 178.00
3rd- Roxy Trevino aggregate of 176.00
4th- Dina Turnberg aggregate of 156.67
Pat Stewart aggregate of 156.00