ABRA Michigan Results 10.05.2019
Congratulations to Bob Leier, Ron Kittle, Bob Kocsis, and Mitch Lige for their 1st place wins in the ABRA Michigan Tournament at Hillsdale October 5 2019

Outlaw Heavy:
Bob Kocsis shot unopposed ending with an aggregate of 182.33

Outlaw Lite
1st- Bob Leier aggregate of 175.17 taking high card on T1-177, T2-180,T3-183. T4-171
2nd - Bill Meyer aggregate of 174.33 taking high card on T5--179
3rd - Tom Kindig aggregate of 172.00
4th - Randy Kruger aggregate of 166.83 taking high card on T6-182
5th - Mike Stampien aggregate of 164.17

1st - Ron Kittle aggregate of 179.33 taking high card on T1-173,T2-174,T3-186,T4-176,T5-180,T6-187
2nd - Bob Leier aggregate of 169.17

1st - Mitch Lige aggregate of 178.50 taking high card on T2-184,T4-179,T5-179
2nd - Bill Meyer aggregate of 175.33
3rd - Mike Stampien aggregate of 174.00 taking high card on T1-180, T3-179
4th - Duane Merret aggregate of 172.50 taking high card on T6-181