i want to try some other powders in my 6ppc and in my 6BR (i need to do somthing in the off season)
i tried ramshot tac in my 6ppc an can get about 150F/s more speed from it than n133 before i get sticky cases (groepsize suffers a little bit but i won a match with it in very unstable windconditions)
ramshot exterminator does work but gives a big flam .i call it flame powder i never speed tested never tried it outside (i got 4 100m indoor shooting ranges 25 mls from my home outdoors i neat to drive at least 80 mls and for 200m 200mls)

i got a 6br with a 14/1 twist barrel (got a dasher for the longer distances) so i can shoot light bullets
first tests with 666 bullets (B&A) berger collums and sierra 75 gr hpbt

N540 with the B&A bullets i started at 33 gr and worked up to 38 (0.5 gr steps) gr and no pressure signs so i found 2 sweetspots at 34 gr and 37.5 gr
speed 3600f/s
with 38gr the case is filled 1/2 up the neck (slow drop from long drop tube)

so i some one ever tested th N540 in 6ppc ?