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Thread: Mike Ratigan

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    Mike Ratigan

    Has he quit shooting . Donít never see anything out of him .
    He kinda got me in to benchrest. I was at the shamrock some years ago and he let me shoot his rifle .
    He gave me some pointers on bench set up I use till this day.
    Just curious.

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    To go where no man has gone before

    I recently talked to Mike. He stated that he is directing his energy to career goals at the present time. If he devotes the intensity he brought to shooting (benchrest book author, hall of fame and world champion) towards his career I am sure he will succeed. What is interesting is how he is reinventing himself as a muckraking astrophysicist. He is working on multiple projects. He named a few:The Big Bang, Truth or Merely Cosmology Porn; Which is Denser, a Neutron Star or Maxine Waters' Brain; Dangerous Objects, Gamma Ray Bursts and Trump's Tweets. He hopes to build upon the blockbuster success of his first effort in the astrophysics literature: Uranus My Ass. Tim
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    Perhaps in a UFO circling Uranus looking for Klingons???

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    If Mike Ratiganís retirement is indeed correct, Bench Rest is really diminished. Mike is and always was one of the truly nice guys at the range.

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    I was miss informed.

    I was miss-informed. I thought he was doing a PhD in astrophysics.

    Can anyone tell me what Mike does to make a living these days ?

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