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Thread: UBR - Dry Branch Rifle Range, Dixon Springs TN 10 5 19

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    UBR - Dry Branch Rifle Range, Dixon Springs TN 10 5 19

    The day started at Dry Branch Rifle Range in the 50's at 6:30 when I arrived, By 9:00 when we started the match we were in the low 70's. It made for a an enjoyable day, although it was a typically challenging event at out range. I don't think the wind ever got much above 5 mph, but with the bright sun, mirage was tough all day and switching winds were difficult to read. I think we had 23 rifles competing and only six with a 500 or better Grand Agg. Congrats to all the winners, with particular recognition to Richard Alford and Murray Gilbert. Scores are attached.

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    Congrats to Mike Ezell for a 263 too! Also it got pretty darn warm in the afternoon, when I left it said 92*

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