ABRA Boerne Texas Results 09.29.2019
Congratulations to Evelio Evelio Mc Donald, Brian Vincent, Darek Biggs for their 1st place wins in the Boerne ABRA Match.
Outlaw Hvy:
Frederick Jamison was in good form on Sunday shooting an aggregate of 194.75 his highest card was a 197.00
1st Evelio Mcdonald aggregate of 194.53 high card on t1-194,t2-196,t3-194
2nd Les Williams aggregate of 193.75 high card on t4-195
3rd Lisa Chacon aggregate of 191.00
4th Larry Mcgill aggregate of 186.25
1st Brian Vincent aggregate of 183.25 high card on t1-184,t2-179,t3-187,t4--183
2nd Ean Smith aggregate of 160.25
Youth Unlimited
1st Darek Biggs aggregate of 195.75 taking high card on t1-195,t2-197,t3-195t4-196
2nd Sebastian Cecchine aggregate of 185.50
3rd Leah Booth aggregate of 180.00
Congratulations again, and thank you Larry Mcgill for joining us all the way from Mississippi!