Ok, all you Boys and Girls, SUNDAY 9-22-2019 the place to be is at Fairchance. We will be holding the UL IR 50/50 State Championship for yards and meters, in scenic Smithfield PA, where the gentle breezes and ever present sunshine, and most important UNICORN’S frolic in the surrounding fields. A SIGHT YOU WILL NEVER FORGET, and hold dear to your heart….. FOREVER. WOW !!!!
Sorry the meds just kicked in.. We will as we did for the Eastern Regionals try to shoot all 6 targets then go to the clubhouse for a provided meal and hand out the awards. We also will be presenting the SOTY award at that time.
The first 20 shooters signing up Sunday will be given a bag with ELEY stuff inside provided by ELEY and BERT’S Garage.
Looking forward to see everybody
Jerry Rosenberger