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Thread: Hillsdale rifle club

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    Hillsdale rifle club

    This was our last Match of the year and we had fun.
    A little rain but no wind.

    Factory Centerfire
    1st Russell jasmund 10-4
    2nd Tom Kindig 10-2
    3rd Bob Foote 9-0-3-0-1
    4th Ron Goodger 9-0-3-0-0

    Custom Centerfire
    1st Doug Dietz 10-4
    2nd Russell Jasmund 10-3-2-2
    3rd Tom Kindig 10-3-2-0
    4th Bob Leier 10-3-2-0

    It has been fun guys,see you next year!!!

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    I sure like seeing Russellís name back on that list!

    Hope to see you guys next season.


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