ABRA San Angelo Results 09.14.2019

We had more gentle winds than normal and they began from the SW then switching SE and back again. It kept you on your toes so to speak.

Jason Chegwidden took 1st in Outlaw Light taking the last 2 target high cards and finishing with a 175.5 agg. Paul Dyer shot a 188 for the 1st card and took the high on the 2nd; however he had to swap rifles after the 2nd card due to some issues and ended up in 2nd place. Kenneth Sledge took 3rd place to round that class out.

Jim Swaringin took 1st place in the Outlaw Heavy class finishing with a 190.75 agg & the high 2nd through 4th targets. Bill Middlebrook came in 2nd and had the high for the day with a 197 on target 1. Tom Cunningham brought a new rifle out and took 3rd place.

Allen Taylor took 1st place in the Unlimited class with a 190.75 agg and the high 1st; 2nd; & 4th targets with a high of 194 on the 2nd target. Darren Krumwiede was 2nd and took the high 3rd target.

Ron Herring took 1st place in the Factory class with a 181.25 agg and the high 1st & 4th targets. Harry Trainer took 2nd place and had the high for this class with a 185 on the 3rd target. Carolyn Wilson was 3rd and won the tie on the 2nd target with a 183. Jerry Willeford was 4th and David Strother was 5th.

Ron Herring