Congratulations to
Billy Hudson, Wade Haley, Tony Greenway on their 1st place wins in the ABRA Belton SC match Sept 7 2019
Outlaw Heavy:
1st Place Billy Hudson target total of 780 aggregate of 195.00 taking high card on T1-198,T2-194,T3-194, T4-194
2nd Place Kevin Sullivan target total of 731 aggregate of 182.75
Outlaw Lite:
1st Place Wade Haley target total of 745 aggregate of 186.25 taking high card on T1-189,T2-191, T3-189
2nd Place Walter Smith target total of 718 aggregate of 179.50 taking high card on T4-177
Unlimited Class:
1st Place Tony Greenway target total of 692 aggregate of 173.00 taking high card on T1-177,T2-171,T3-176,T4-168
2nd Place Dave Eisensch target total of 659 aggregate of 164.75
Factory Class:
Ernie Converse target total of 664 aggregate of 166.00
Youth Outlaw Heavy:
Seth Ferguson target total of 729 aggregate of 182.25
Great Shooting!