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...a flat faced, non ratcheting Mitutoyo micrometer is what I use.

Good shootin'. -Al
I believe in having measuring tools in every room on the property so.... I have 2-3 name-brand calipers and some name-brand "reference" mics, also some expensive manual models of each, and literally dozens of others, copycats/knockoffs.

Everyone in the house knows that it's a sin to leave dad's measurers closed...... "use 'em, but put them back like you found 'em"

I found the following to be humourous......

I have a ChiCom digital Micrometer that reads to the "half-billionth" like all the "good" ones and is wikkid good. As repeatable as a gage block, but the ratchet is on backwards! The monkeyboys who pirated the thing were too iggerent to know WHY there's a ratchet so they just "put a ratchet mechanism on there!"

The thing just suuuucks to use. I'm the kinda' guy who, when I put my little tape away I'm halfway acros't the job before it's retracted and when I go to spin this mic back open for the next measure it sounds like the sun going down on cicadas......if I could superglue the ratchet, I would.