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Thread: Sept VFS results from Sac Valley

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    Sept VFS results from Sac Valley

    We held our second score match of the year on Saturday.
    Although attendence was down do to several illnesses/surgury, and a couple of guys working Saturday,
    the 8 shooters who attended had a good time challenging the tricky conditions of the infamous Ione Triangle.
    We started as usual at 100 yards, and had several guy go clean with Ron Pepper steering his 30 Major to a nice 22 X's.
    He was followed closely behind by Steve Raeder with 21 and Francis Lee in 3rd with 19. The other two cleans were
    Steve Epstein and I with 17 & 14. Unfortunately Bob Eicher had to retire with some scope issues.
    Then we moved to 200 yards where our winds really started living up to there reputation, switchy, flags all going in different directions,
    I had one flag that the tail kept going straight up!?.
    Long story short no one stayed clean at 200 although Francis & Steve Epstien both made it to target 4 before crashing.
    !st place at 200 was Francis with a very nice for the conditions 249 4x, Steve Epstein 2nd with a 248 4x, and Steve Raeder 3rd with a 246 8x.
    100/200 Grand winner was Francis Lee with a 499 23x, 2nd was Steve Epstein 498 24x, and Steve Raeder and I both with 496's
    with Steve's high X count of the match of 29x's trouncing my 20x to snag 3rd.

    Next match (also a VFS) will be on Sunday Oct 6th and we will be revering the order of fire to 200/100 just for fun!
    Hope to see you there!
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