We held the Sporter on Friday, followed by the 3-GUN & Unlimited today. The wind was light and switchy for the Sporter yesterday, then blew a little harder today, with less switching. Bill Smith was dialed in on the Sporter while Mike Cameron led the way today. After the shooting, we had a fine fish fry lunch. Thanks to all who helped with the match. S. Ga. Boy
IR 50/50 Sporter 8-23-19
1) Bill Smith 247-13X
2) L. Worthy Jr. 244-12X
3) Richard Shorter 239-8X
1) Bill Smith 248-9X
2) L. Worthy Jr. 242-9X
3) Richard Shorter 240-9X
1) L. Worthy Jr. 247-10X
2) Bill Smith 244-13X
3) Richard Shorter 236-5X
Sporter AGG.
1) Bill Smith 739-35X
2) L. Worthy Jr. 733-31X
3) Richard Shorter 725-22X
3-GUN Sporter 8-24-19
1) Mike Cameron 250-15X
2) Bill Smith 249-13X
3) L. Worthy Jr. 246-11X
10.5 lB.
1) Bill Smith 250-16X
2) L. Worthy Jr. 248-15X
3) Richard Shorter 248-15X
13.5 lB.
1) Mike Cameron 250-20X
2) Bill Smith 248-13X
3) L. Worthy 248-12X
1) Bill Smith 498-29X
2) Mike Cameron 497-36X
3) L. Worthy Jr. 496-29X
1) Mike Cameron 747-51X
2) Bill Smith 747-42X
3) L. Worthy Jr. 742-40X
Unlimited-1 8-24-19
1) Mike Cameron 250-21X
2) L. Worthy Jr. 250-19X
3) Richard Shorter 249-14X
1) Mike Cameron 250-17X
2) Richard Shorter 250-16X
3)L. Worthy Jr. 250-13X
1) Mike Cameron 249-16X
2) Richard Shorter 249-11X
3) Bill Smith 248-9X
Unlimited AGG.
1) Mike Cameron 749-64X
2) Richard Shorter 748-641X
3) L. Worthy Jr. 745-37X