Austin Rifle Club -
16312 Littig Rd Manor ,Tx 78653
GPS - N 30 19' 34.47"
W 97 28' 37.57"
This is approx 5 miles east of Manor, Tx.

100 yd Hunter Benchrest Match - Hunter, VFS, Factory Rifles - $10 Entry

Due to temps being in the 100's for the last 2 weeks and no relief in site, we will be starting our next Sunday's match, Aug. 25, at 10 am. Remember to hydrate before, during and after the match. We'll be giving medical exemptions from target duty to those that don't need to be exposed to the sun/heat any more than necessary. So sit back, BS with your pals and we'll let the young bucks post paper.

Shout out and invite to Speedy and the San Antone group - Hoping to see ya'll at 10am
Any questions.....
Steve Krause - Match Director