We held our final SOTY match today in the South Ga. heat and humidity. There was a little breeze and we got finished before it got too hot. Mike Cameron led the way today shooting a nice 750-57X in the Unlimited. Great shooting by a super guy! S. Ga. Boy
IR 50/50 Sporter
1) Mike Cameron 250-18X
2) Bill Smith 250-15X
3) L. Worthy Jr. 247-13X
10.5 lb.
1) L. Worthy Jr. 250-13X
2) Bill Smith 249-15X
3) Mike Cameron 248-16X
13.5 lb.
1) Mike Cameron 250-19X
2) Bill Smith 249-16X
3) L. Worthy Jr. 248-15X
1) Mike Cameron 250-18X
2) Richard Shorter 247-10X
3) L. Worthy Jr. 246-10X
1) Mike Cameron 250-19X
2) L. Worthy Jr. 250-15X
3) Richard Shorter 247-13X
1) Mike Cameron 250-20X
2) Bill Smith 250-16X
3) L. Worthy Jr. 249-18X
2019 Club SOTY
Sporter Mike Cameron 994-51X
10.5 lb. L. Worthy Jr. 997-55X
13.5lb. Mike Cameron 997-68X
Grand Agg. Champion Mike Cameron 2979-176X
Unlimited Champion Mike Cameron 2997-203X