I enjoy every members' knowledge and ideas on their benchrest experiences. At Ft Bliss in El Paso, TX you are all Bienvenidos to Tejas Sihouette Shooters on the 3rd Sunday of the month. We supported and went to a benchrest match at Ruidoso Downs, NM. Over a dozen of us from TSS went and were so welcomed by Mike and the other shooters. Que bonito Ruidoso, NM with the pine fresh air. I won the shoot off (what drama) against 3 other great shooters at 150 yds. We shot at the chickens, you could barely see them with the naked eye. Siempre Beinvenidos to Tejas Silhouette Shooters, other Sundays we have 22lr standing/hunter, chickens at 40m, pigs at 65m, turkeys at 77m and rams at 100m. Pistol is also welcome! Big bore is also so welcome, some of our finest shooters that compete at National levels, Tony Lopez, Danny Avila, Jose Luis Rodriguez, on and on. We had a our Oscar Moreno BenchRest Match this past year, everyone had a great time. Goodie bags at registration, Silver Coins awarded to place winners plus delicious food on Saturday. The match ended on Sunday. I met great shooters, their experiences shared on rifles and ammo. It's no wonder my father-in-law loved the sport of benchrest. we're at Tejas Silhouette Shooters.org We are non-profit promoting the sport and the responsibility of gun ownership.
Gracias Amigos.