Years ago I tried re-crowning a melonited barrel and was left with the impression that melonite is H A R D !!! Like "wreck toolbits" hard.

I haven't tried machine melonited steel since (altho I have touched a file to some, it was hard) and have posted re my experience as if I knew what I was talking about. Others have also posted about melonite "acting like the old case-hardened receivers"

Well I done me a BUNCHA' them old dudes..... P14's, M1917's, 03A3's, 98's, 93's etc etc..... and hated them. Had all sorts of wing-ding jigs and grinders and spade drills and chemicals and always wondered "how is this worth it??" But they were hard...


I wanted to drill and tap another 1/2X28 hole thru the receiver ring on a melonited Neuvo and was all geared up for a fight.....had out the carbide mills, dremel burrs, carbide taps etc, but decided to "mark it" with an old HSS drill......"plump"....liddle silver divot.


"Pzzzzt"....tidy liddle pilot hole.

"bzoooop".... all done.....the thing drilled and tapped like BUTTAH'! It drilled like any other BAT! Didn't even FEEL the meloniting....

So, all's I can say is, not ALL melonited receivers are wikkid hah'd!

And I'll quit talking about how "it's hard to work on melonited stuff".... at least until I've gone and cut up some more gas nitrided items, or done some better "before and after" comparisons