I appreciate the suggestions for Ventura Munitions ammo. However, with a bore this rough, Iím avoiding cast lead bullets. Also, they are kind of pricey.

I had on hand 200 new Remington 32 special cases, so Iím dedicating 100 to the 32-40. The four Federal cases that I reformed I made into dummy rounds to check the action. They worked OK with the lever worked smartly. I then took 4 reformed Remington cases and loaded them up with 170 grain Speer bullets, 22 grains of IMR 4198 and Federal 210 primers.

At the range today, these 4 averaged 1755 fps per my Labradar. With the rear sight elevator on the lowest notch, they were 4 inches high at 50 yards and the same at 100. I couldnít draw a finer bead so Iíll have to set whatever Iím aiming at on top of it, like a 6 oíclock target hold. I donít want to replace that neat folding front sight. It was probably just fine with original factory ammo. Remington Kleanbore 165 grain 32-40 loads were advertised with a muzzle velocity of 1440 fps.

The alternate post on that sight might be appropriate for Ďchucks at 200 yards. It is lower than the other and much finer. I bought a 1906 Lyman catalog and that sight is not in there. It doesnít seem to be a Marbles. Maybe itís an Ideal.

The Lyman Number 1 Combination tang sight might be appropriate for really long range if you were foolish enough to shoot that far. Otherwise, itís just decoration.

The thing is cleaning up hard after these four shots due to the rough bore. Iíll make up 40 rounds of the same load, which is likely a lifetime supply. I will hunt with it some this fall however. It would be cool to shoot a deer with this round nearly 60 years after I shot my first one.

Overall, Iím real happy I bought this rifle.