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Thread: Sleeved XP100s?

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    Sleeved XP100s?

    I have a couple of sleeved XP100s in Lee Six stocks that will eventually need to be sold. One's in .22PPC and the other in .17BR, which I believe is a tweaked .17 Remington, but I'm not totally sure. They both feature Burns bolts and I believe Burns triggers as well. The problem is that there are no serial numbers marked on the sleeves. I'd imagine it would ruin the guns to remove the sleeves, although I've not tried yet. They were made by Stu Harvey and the .17 set a worlds record at Richmond CA wearing a different barrel. It stood for many years. The .22PPC is a clone of the Record gun which he sold to me as a squirrel rig.

    It's probably not possible to sell these through an FFL without a visible serial number, right?

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    I saw Stan Ware do some careful mill work with a profiled end mill over the area where the serial number was on a sleeved Model 7 action. He stopped just a few thou. above the receiver and used a sharp pick to peel away the final thickness of glue and aluminum. The serial number appeared as new once he exposed it. Some of those actions were roughed up considerably for adhesion, though...hard to say what you might find under there.

    I have seen a couple of sleeved Remingtons that had the sleeve serialized with a number that wasn't the Remington serial number. Whether you could number the sleeves on your guns for the FFL paperwork, I don't know. It's usually better to ask for forgiveness than permission. In the case of 4473 paperwork though...not so much. If you know a common sense FFL holder, you might want to ask their take on it.

    A face-to-face sale in my State doesn't require any FFL 4473 paperwork...not sure about where you live.

    I know what I'd do if they were mine but it might not work for all situations.
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    Question WAY back, "in the day" . . .

    ATF advised the "custom rifle/BR" community that on sleeved actions, the original manufacturer's serial# had to be visible & readable - it could not be simply stamped (transferred) onto the sleeve. As pointed out by Al, many sleeved 700s, 722, XPs, were milled to expose the serial #. Whether this ruling remains in place, I cannot say - but, it likely still does better check B4 you sell. RG

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    I can't say what every FFL will do, but the one I use would accept it with a new serial #. Another option, although it would take some doing is to remove the barreled action from the stock and then remove the sleeve, record the serial # and engrave it on the sleeve. I just bought a sleeved XP smithed by Ferris Pindell. The sleeve had no loading port and had to be loaded by removing the bolt. It wasn't useable in that config for me so I did the above. Will reglue it in a new octagon sleeve and reglue it in the stock. Depending on the condition and price, I might be interested in the rifle. Should you choose to move it in the current condition get in touch.


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